Rainwater Tank Cleaning

Is Your Rainwater Safe To Drink?

Did You Know Your Rainwater Tank should be cleaned Every 2-3 years!

When was the last time your rainwater tank was cleaned? 

Is your Rainwater discolored or have a foul odour or bad taste, These are all indications your rainwater tank needs to be cleaned. 

NSW Health Regulations state that rainwater tanks should be cleaned every 2-3 years. 

So why should I get my tank cleaned?

Rainwater tanks should be cleaned on a regular basis to stop the build up of sediment and bacteria such as E-coli. Removing sediment from your tank will also help protect your pump from drawing up any foreign objects and damaging your pump.    

Do i have to drain my tank to clean it?

No! we use a custom built vacuum system that removes all the sediment from you tank. On average only 1-2 foot of water will be lost during a clean. 

To View the NSW Health Regulations click here.

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