When should I consider repairing or replacing my rainwater tank?

Natural causes on our land such cause the most common wear and tear that leads to the degradation of rainwater tanks. This includes corrosion on steel rainwater tanks or cracks and leaks in plastic or concrete rainwater tanks, which means routine repair or outright replacement is due. Generally speaking, proper care and maintenance will ensure most rainwater tanks will last decades. In cases where the quality and the volume of collected rainwater is affected, you may need to seek out a profession service to inspect your property/rain water tank to give you an accurate assessment of your rain water tank system. Continue reading to determine if it’s worth getting your rain water tank serviced or you needing a complete replacement.

Repair vs. replacement

Over time, all rainwater tanks suffer wear and tear and may need maintenance repairs once in a while. Some heavier, more serious damage may call for the entire replacement of the tank unit itself, with the assessment from the rainwater tank’s supplier. Repair or replacement is important as the damaged tank may allow contamination into the stored rainwater and can always mean leaks. These contaminants range from mosquito eggs, physical debris such as sand and silt or bacterial contaminants from animal faecal matter. Where corrosion of metal in steel rainwater tanks or cracks in concrete tanks in poor conditions, leaking is sure to come, which means repair or replacement should be a priority.

In cases of replacement, however, whether or not a tank is attached to a building, building consent from building administrators or the local council will be required. This covers replacement of tanks larger than 2,000 litres and supported not more than 2 meters above ground or tanks larger than 500 litres and supported not more than 4 meters above the ground. Always remember, whether routine repair or replacement, make sure to contact your rainwater tank supplier as their services cover repair or replacement, depending on the rainwater tank’s warranty you get.

Could I have my rainwater tank repaired?

Plainly speaking, yes, rainwater tanks can be repaired. But the extent of the repair depends on the damage to your rainwater tank. On one hand, simple DIY repairs may be made in and around the area of the rainwater tank, especially the fittings on which the tank is placed and the tank’s gaskets and manifolds. However, for more challenging major repairs, the best practice is to leave this job to the professionals and contact your rainwater tank supplier to inspect whichever repairs are needed to the rainwater tank itself.

Simple welds to fix a crack or leaks may not often be an ideal solution as welds only repair these cracks or leaks at the superficial level. In some cases, this could also weaken the structural integrity of the entire tank.

When is replacement necessary?

These issues may cause further leaks and damage to the rainwater tank, which may affect the quality of rainwater stored in the tank. In these cases, contact your rainwater tank supplier immediately for an assessment as to what action should be done for your tank.

When you want to continue collecting and storing rainwater tanks efficiently and safely, repair or replacement will be the decision you need to make. Get in touch with us to see if there is something we may be able to assist you with, or at the least, inspect your rainwater tank to give you a healthy status report on where your rainwater tank is currently at.